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YC9000Air Jet Loom Main technical characteristicsManufacturers:Qingdao Spark Textile Machinery Co.,LtdProduct name:Air Jet LoomProduct Model:YC9000Reed width:170,190,210,230,280,340,360cmWelf selection:1.2.4or6 colorStart mode:Start motor at high speedWelf insertion:main nozzle+swing nozzle+sub nozzleSupporting  solenoid va

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YC9000Air Jet Loom Main technical characteristics
Manufacturers:Qingdao Spark Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd
Product name:Air Jet Loom
Product Model:YC9000
Reed width:170,190,210,230,280,340,360cm
Welf selection:1.2.4or6 color
Start mode:Start motor at high speed
Welf insertion:main nozzle+swing nozzle+sub nozzle
Supporting  solenoid valve:Supporting solenoid valve integrated with flow cavity
shedding:positive electric multi-dobby shedding
Beating:Double side tank oil -bath type four-bar beating-up motion
Let-off:Electric servo continuous let-off
selvedge:Leno yarn by plancetary gear
weft breakage:reflecting double feeder device
warp breakage:electric warp stop device
shutdown display:screen display,multi-functional shutdown display lights
weft cutter:mechanical cutter

Weaving Machine High Speed Cloth Fabric Air Jet Loom Textile Weaving Machine

1.Efficient and stable beating-up mechanism:
High-speed and strong adaptable four-bar beating-up mechanism is adopted during narrow width weaving to ensure the weaving 
efficiency;six-bar beating-up mechanism with abundant weft time during wide width weaving to ensure stable weaving.
2.Electronic take-up:
As an advanced take-up device in our country,it expands the varety of fabrics(5.9-1118.1/cm),easy operation and more precise.

3.Electronic let-off:
Warp tension is determined by tension sensor and amount of let-off is controlled by computer to ensure the prescision for amount of let-off and keep warp tension constant.
Energy-saving and precise solenoid valve:
A solenoid valve is equipped with three sub nazzles,saving more energy and gas,reducing cost of weaving and ensuring stable weft.


Model YC-9000Delivery Time     /     /2020
Width    150170190210230280340Y360
Shedding               Crank Manual Leveling Cam Shedding                               Automatic Leveling Cam Shedding                                  YElectronial Dobby Shedding                           Jacquard
Shedding Supplier Jiangsu NIUPAI   YChangshu               Xi_an Bintian   Staubli           Yantai Song&Songs  Taizhou Juyuan                
Heald Frame QTY                   7Heald Frame Supplier       Jiangsu NIUPAI              YNew Light                           
Color 12Y468
Feeder                    Spark Yinchun                             IRO/ROJ         YMingjia Electric                     Keyi Electric
Nozzle Changzhou Jiete YChangzhou Xuanhong         
Ausiliary Nozzle   Pure Cotton          YPure Cotton (Energy Saving function)  Pure Cotton with Reed (Energy Saving)
Filament  Filament (Energy Saving function)  Circular Filament Circular Filament (Energy Saving)     
Take-Up                 Mechnical Take-Up Electronic Take-Up  Y
Take-Up Roller     Rubber Peronium   YSand blasting  
Warp Beam Single   YTwin left to right  Double Up Down
Rear Beam Negative backrestActive backrest   Y
Disc Diameter     8009141000 Y
Batching form     Entrails batching  Y Outboard batching
Let-off Electric               YDouble Electric   Mechnical         
 Selvedge    Planetary LenoYTuck-in   
Selvedge Temple Upper Fixed          YLower Fixed
Selvedge Loop with Needles        Rubbered          YNeedling  
(Default)Stich Height 0.6-1.2  Y(Medium-heavy)0.8-1.5 (Heavy)0.8-1.8
Middle Cutting     Planetary LenoYTuck-in   
Oiling Concentrated grease YAutomatic Electric grease
Power Capacity   1.8KW 2.2KW 2.7KW 3.0KW 3.7 KW4.0KW 4.5KW Y5.5 KW 6.5KW
Power Origin       Qingdao National Textile                   Qingdao Tianyi                             Wujiang Dynamo                    YWeinan Dynamo                                      
Beam QTY             1.5Roller         1.5Dropper Pin/Heald Wire     10000Reed     1
Loom RPM 480-500RPM
Electric BGR               Yuanling Electric  Y
 Qingdao Spark Yinchun Textile Machinery Co., Ltd
Weaving Machine High Speed Cloth Fabric Air Jet Loom Textile Weaving MachineWeaving Machine High Speed Cloth Fabric Air Jet Loom Textile Weaving MachineWeaving Machine High Speed Cloth Fabric Air Jet Loom Textile Weaving Machine

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